4  Sessions per week! 

2 Mornings @ 9:30am


2 Evenings @6:30pm

(Mon, Wed)

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Water Aerobics can be beneficial for many people, young and old, age nor physical condition are an issue as the buoyancy of water accommodates everyone, including both the fit and unfit. The water cushions stiff and painful joints or fragile bones that may be further injured by the impact of land aerobics so it is perfect for anyone with arthritis or any other mobility issues.

This low impact exercise is great for anyone who gets sore from overbearing knees, and your level of fitness is easily accommodated by our experienced instructor. Whilst no form of exercise is perfect for everyone, aqua aerobics comes close by conforming to any individual needs, restrictions and abilities. By adjusting the size and speed of the exercise you can change your level of effort to suit your needs.

Simply put, aqua aerobics can give you a great cardiovascular workout gently increasing your pulse and breathing so its great to improve your health! It also strengthens and tones muscles, the resistance of the water means that the muscle groups are evenly worked as you push and pull against the water.

Most importantly stress reliever, the water adds slight compression as well gently massaging you, giving a weightless sensation and sense of well-being, its feel good factor is supported by a wonderful social environment.

-Go on give it a try, Water Aerobics is for everyone and every 'body'-


Casual entry:

Concession $8.50

Adult $10.50


Weekly Pass:

Concession $16

Adult $20