Head Coach: Mitchell Brown

Head Coach: Mitchell Brown

In our Performance squad, swimmers must be dedicated and focused on achieving their goals. Attending all training sessions, performing dryland exercises before entering the water, being enthusiastic, having a professional attitude is a must.
Test sets are introduced as well as more advanced levels of programs.
Regular consultation with the coach regarding goal setting, cross-training exercise, advance athlete monitoring, diet and management are to be adhered to.

At swim meets swimmers will receive feedback sheets with data such as, stroke rate, splits, turns, amount of breaths and distance underwater, this can then be compared to elite levels to judge what needs to be worked on.

To be a part of this squad the following must be achieved

Training times are advised to swimmers by Head Coach

1:20 for 100m Freestyle
15 x 100 Freestyle on 1:50
Minimum 11yrs of age
Invitation from Head Coach
Must train a minimum of 5 swimming sessions