GT Aquatics is a well established swim school located on the border, running since 2001. We provide a fun learning environment with teachers who have up to 25 years of expertise and offer both group and private lessons. We cater for all abilities from familiarising infants with water, to teaching adults to swim, as well as private stroke correction and special needs lessons.

Lessons are offered Monday-Saturday both morning and afternoon (excluding Saturday) 

Infants are encouraged to begin at 6 months where they will begin water play and progress into essential life saving skills whilst maintaining emphasis on being confident in the water at all times. Toddlers will remain with their parents in lessons typically until 3 years and are also able to stand and be independently in the 0.80m program pool.

Advanced infants lessons.

Advanced infants lessons.

As your child progresses to Beginner lessons they will be in classes with a typical maximum of 4 per class. Children will continue to employ survival skills however emphasis will now be placed on learning correct technique in regards to stroking, breath control, timing and teaching an efficient kicking technique.

When your child progresses to Intermediate level lessons they will experience more structured classes with a maximum of 5 children per class. Classes run for 30 Minutes and focus on the refinement and further teaching of competitive strokes strokes, all the while having fun of course!

Advanced lessons have a maximum of 8 per class. These classes place a final focus on correct efficient technique readying your child for our squad program, enjoyment is still paramount as they will further refine their strokes, learning fundamentals of competitive strokes, introducing butterfly and tumble turns.